Thursday, 17 March 2011

Trains, Planes, but no Automobiles...

It was a relief to see some blue sky at last. It seemed that the interminable grey gloom of overcast skies had hung over us for weeks. Today the sun shone, the moon was just a stretch away, and the scent of spring was in the air.

The day could not to be wasted. I took a stroll around some favourite haunts at Chasewater.
The reservoir has been drained to carry out some work on the dam, but the springs that feed the waters ensured that there were still ponds sufficient for the wildlife to do what wildlife does.

I accidentally spooked a Stag out of a belt of trees. While it was out in the open I took the opportunity to grab a few snaps. Typical... I get it all lined up, in focus, and he goes and closes his eyes!

The two Stags held an uneasy truce, occasionally sparring, but also cooperating, taking it in turns to keep an eye out while the other grazed.

It amazes me how such large animals generally manage to keep themselves undiscovered in such a populated area. They'll stand motionless in a clump of trees while walkers pass by totally unaware of their presence.

The lady driver of the passing steam train did spot them from her elevated position and signalled excitedly to me. A blast of the whistle had them running for the horizon, and I headed for home too...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stunt Budgie gets a Bath Buddy...

Budgie was happy enough, glad to be rescued from the dangerous outside world in which she was found, but sometimes the humans were out for a good part of the day and life could get a bit dull...

She would try and occupy herself as best she could, practising stunts on the top of her cage, but she really needed a partner in crime.

So budgie has got a new friend to keep her company, and get up to all sorts of mischief while the humans aren't watching!

Of course the new budgie hasn't had the freedom to fly around until now, and so needs to build up her fitness and strength. Blue budgie was quick to show her some 'warm up' exercises.

Soon enough they were ready to try out a few synchronized manoeuvres.

Green budgie has got the hang of this new fangled flying malarkey, and can out run a guy with a camera without much problem.

In fact they've become such good friends that they are happy sharing a bath together...