Thursday, 30 April 2009

Fox Tales...2

Yes, it was nice and sunny, but there wasn't much to do. Mum was away hunting, and the others were inside being boring.
...but what was this?! 'Someone' had hidden little bits of food everywhere while they'd been sleeping...

Fun, fun, fun!!
There were some play fights as usual.
Some of the food was really well hidden.
It was a good way of practising your foraging skills...

Eventually all the crunchy bits were found.
For the smaller chaps the excitement and running around had taken its toll.
A nap in the sunshine seemed like an excellent idea.
The warm sunshine started to make even the most boistrous sleepy...
A quick snooze... mom will be back soon with something fun to play with.

A yummy taste still in its mouth and trying to stay awake.

Nap time...


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fox Tales...1

It was raining. It had rained ALL day and the cubs were getting bored.
The outside world always looked so exciting, but when you've got so much fluff to get sodden, the long wet grass may as well be a lake.
Nightime came, the skies cleared and it was time to go exploring.
Something smelt nice...
... but where was it?
OOooh found it! 'Someone' had left a big pile of food. Now if only I could get to it before the others spot it...
... too late! Dinnertime always ends up in a scrap!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung. It's been trying to spring for some time now, but at last spring has sprung forth and sprung... yeah spring!
All the signs are there. The lambs are... well, springing!
The Bluebells are out in the woods.
The fish are rising.
The ducklings are doing duckling stuff... like getting sucked by big Carp if they're not careful!
Even this tiny spider seemed to have a grin on its face as it ambled through the sprouting grass.
The fox cubs are beginning to venture outside the den.
Being more curious than is good for them...
Everything is exciting when you are likkle...
...except when big blokes point cameras at you!
Time for a game of 'hide and seek'.