Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mr. Tiddles won't be home for his milk...

It was a warm sunny day as she lolled, relaxed without a care in the world.
She knew I was there. She had her beady eye on me.
More watchful than normal. She'd spotted me and wanted me to know it....A little extra set of ears lurk in the background.
This is why she was being so alert. The cubs were at play...
The pics and video are a bit blurred and shaky because I was at 35X zoom.
The cubs had got a new toy...
...but I couldn't quite see what it was.

Lots of tiny cub yawns told mum that the kids were ready for a nap. It was time to head back off to the den. She stooped to collect up the toys...
Oh dear, it looks as if Mr Tiddles won't be coming home for his milk tonight!
With a quick glance she checked they weren't being followed and they were gone...


photowannabe said...

Wow, fantastic shots. Is this near your home? Poor Mr. Tiddles...some toy!

JLee said...

aaaaaawwww...how cute!!

secret agent said...

ok, If "Mr. Tiddles" is a dead cat
I'm screaming right now

Is this the case vague Brit???

For the video, and photo's,
this is absolutely incredible.
you should work for National Geographic
amazing how close you got.

p.s. here is the Southern part of the U.S. shag is a dance shagging is dancing beach music style :)

secret agent said...

that's here "IN" not "is"

barkfoot said...

Photowannabe- This was filmed from the back of the house looking up to the far end of the long garden. It's a bit shaky and blurred because I was at 35X optical zoom without a tripod.
Secret Agent- It was either a very big rabbit or a dead cat. Although urban foxes do sometimes attack cats they usually give each other a wide berth. I have seen fox cubs and cats playing chase (now there's something I'd like to get on video). It probably was a cat but roadkill, there a busy road and railway nearby. It's a shame, but foxes have to eat too.
P.S. Here a Shag is a type of bird (feathered kind)but also a dance that grownups do mainly lying down ;~)

Lee Ann said...

Wow, that is incredible!
Great photos.
Have a great weekend!
Lee Ann

Pablo said...

Great pics. The colouring is great too. Nice one.

Pablo's Woodlife

Pablo said...
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Pablo said...

Forgot to mention that I also had a recent close encounter,
Fox cub video
(deleted original comment 'cos I mucked up the link)

Foster Communications said...

Talk about close encounters of the foxy kind.
Can't feel too bad for Mr Tiddles, circle of life right?