Sunday, 21 September 2008

'Helicam' higher...

This poor little helicopter has fallen off, rooves, hit washing lines, trees, paddled in birdbaths, as well as the ground coming up and hitting it on numerous occasions; all without major damage.
Oh, but hit a bit of floppy tall grass with the rotor results in a 'top locked over shank sheet bend' knot of twisted green rope wrapped around the shaft accompanied by a shriek indicating that every last tooth has been stripped off the drive gears...OOoow!!
Flying helicopters is like watching a horror know something bad is going to happen, you just don't know when!
Nevermind, these things can always be rebuilt. I couldn't resist the temptation to modify it just a little. A new inner drive shaft topped with an aluminium fly bar support that allows the top blades to articulate even A quick test flight and I'm ready for new horizons.
My previous attempts at ariel videography were thwarted by the camera switching itself off. I'd put this down to me not charging it sufficiently, but, even though the camera was new, it turned out to be the battery. Replacing the tiny postage stamp sized lipo battery was a fiddle. I've got big blokey wide fingers. I need the dexterity of a trained monkey, but that's a project for another day.
I fashioned some over sized skids from polystyrene in order to avoid crushing the camera on landing.
A lanyard was also included to prevent any camera free fall videos...
It wasn't the prettiest of setups, but it did the job.

As the machine rose ever higher, a speck in the sky, a halo of sunlight reflecting off the blades the only indication of its unnatural presence, I felt a dread that this would be the last time I'd ever see it. It didn't matter how still it was on the ground, up there where eagles dare, there was always a wind, or a thermal to snatch it away...
I was unable to get the views I really wanted as I had to turn it into the wind to enable enough control to keep it in 'known' airspace. I was glad to bring it back down, opting for a 'petal cushion' landing on a very surprised Begonia.
Next project... Lights, and night flying!
I reckon there's plenty of fun to be had buzzing a few drunks on their way home. That should spawn a few UFO sightings!!!...


Elisa. said...

Been done for being a peeping tom yet!?

Love the lights...reminds me of your car.

barkfoot said...

Elisa - Oh! So you heard that whirring noise at your window the other night??!!

Pablo said...

Superb. I can't help smiling at this.
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