Thursday, 9 October 2008

The 'mark of Zorro'...

I was impatient. I wanted to take some more ariel photos and video using the helicopter but the weather just wouldn't play ball. Sure, it was sunny, but it was also windy. Heavily laden helicopters and wind don't mix well. An unexpected gust lifted the little machine into an uncontrollable 'death roll' which proceeded to come straight at me. I tried to step aside, wasn't quick enough and found myself branded with the 'mark of Zorro' by the whirring rotors...OOoow! I would have to think of something else.

Thinking that I would use the wind to my advantage, I grabbed my trusty kite, some gaffer tape, some foam blocks and of course my FlyCam and walked to a nearby piece of open land.
With a bit of messing about I soon had the camera wrapped in protective foam and attached to the assembled kite.
The wind was annoying. It would gust hard then suddenly drop off leaving the kite flutter to the ground.
My first flight was with the video running. Weaving the kite from side to side in a vain attempt to gain height resulted in a very wobbly picture that left you with a distinct sea sick nausea.
Next I tried taking some stills. The wind was a little more cooperative this time.
Running backwards (dodging the minefield of dog poos left by mindless owners) got me some good altitude.
Once up high, I could appreciate how lucky I was to live in such a leafy area, dotted with lakes. Sometimes I take all this for granted, I shouldn't...
The resolution on the pictures isn't all that I hoped it would be. The camera is compromised by its weight saving (37 grams). More lifting capacity is required.... I've still got that ex-military parachute that I used when I had a go at flying (see - Lets go fly a kite...). I packed it away after it nearly ripped my arms off and threatened to drag the car that it was tethered to across a field. I wonder?!...


Lavender said...

OMGoodness - It does give you motion sickness LOLbarf!!!
All that and not even a decent look at you- what a gyp!
Still, a creative way to get your cam aloft and a valiant effort indeed - hope youre battle wounds leave no scars.

Elisa. said...

Gtear pictures although I agree the video left me wondering..err where did I put the Gravol!

Lavender said...


Um, Mate?

Mate, I uh, sorta, tagged you.

Please dont send your Death Copters after me!