Friday, 2 January 2009

Mist friends...

Holiday fever had set in pretty bad. The symptoms were restless legs, grumpiness (even more than usual), and a slight thickening around my waist... a hefty dose of the outdoors was the remedy.Several days and nights of freezing fog had left the world encrusted with frost. The lakes were frozen but not thick enough to support my bulk over to the little island.
I cut across the frozen wetlands to a favourite spot. Put up one of my ever faithful hammocks, and settled myself down for a long wait...
After much toe wriggling and face pulling to stop myself setting solid, through the gentle cold mist my guests began to arrive.

The wild ponies hate to be pursued, but their natural curiosity always gets the better of them, and one by one they appeared.
At first they'll pretend that they haven't seen you, congregating a little way off.
Next comes the nod. The boss pony will give you the 'I see you signal', a reciprocal nod back lets him know that I mean no harm.
Then follows a bit of mutual exaggerated over casual behaviour, before eventually...
...a friendly face plods over to say hello.
From then on, you're one of the gang; even if you do look different and smell of coffee!...

Remember... simply click on any of the pictures for extra 'bigness'!!!...


Lavender said...

Fantastic, fabulous experience and post. Im green with envy!!!!!!
I keep telling the DH we have to sit still somewhere long enough, but the poor lad is always so target oriented its impossible! LOL Oh well, I can live vicariously thru you her LOL
Bravo Barkfoot!

Lesley said...

I think those are my favorite photos that you have ever posted! I love the ponies in the frosty landscape, they look totally surreal.

Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Freakin amazing pictures!
Happy New year to you!

Madwag said...

This is on my list of things to see in my life... they are simply beautiful.

kerri said...

Just amazing, I have been back a couple of times just to take in the beauty of these photos, thank you so much for posting!!!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

We have wild horses near here in Oliver, you can drive by and they just keep on grazing but when you stop, they tend to wander away so lots of pics of horses behinds, not sure about the hammock idea to attract them.
I have posted pics of the horses on the blog before.
We are also having a cold and snowy winter this year but not the frost on the trees yet.

photowannabe said...

Truly magical. Your persistance paid off, even if you froze solid.
Thanks for your comments on the algae bloom. It seemed so strange to just be in one little area of a very fast clear moving river. It didn't seem scummy or have any fragrance to it.
Glad you commented. Its been a long time.

zmoose said...

Excellent pics! You'll have to do a Barkfoot calendar -- that would be January done. I can place my order now.

Sagent said...

oh........I see my dear Kerri popped by.

cute Brit, that first photo is unreal
so incredibly beautiful.

Loving the ponies too, though I bet they could use a nice warm Rambo blanket.'ve mastered the "I'm just a herbivoire too nod"

next time
they / post nod
will relax and lift up a front leg slightly
as if to say
"you don't worry me a bit"

if you ever get a hind leg lifted on your behalf,
take that as some serious pony flattery.

Lavender said...

A little something for you over here, you dont have to do anything with them, its just a small way to say Thank You for your support, Cheers!