Monday, 15 June 2009

Cosford Airshow...

It was a baking hot day, and the Cosford Airshow was on. We managed to miss all the traffic from the record turn out by heading through the backlanes to my secret parking space only 5 mins walk from the airfield. We didn't go inside the base, but set up just outside on the fields. You're not really meant to be there but the Airforce turn a blind eye to the little band of squatter enthusiasts.
The Red Arrow display team appeared early in the day, they always give an impressive show.
It's incredible how close they get to one another. Some of the spectators in the car park were having difficulty getting into spaces twice the size.
There's nothing like the smell of the smoke from the back of these, a mixture of BBQ and oil refinery!
Selfishly, the Airforce had sent a lot of the proper military jets to a foreign country where the locals had been throwing pebbles or something equally troublesome. In their place were a LOT of stunt display teams. They're OK, but you can have too much of a good thing.
Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on these guys, their flying was pretty amazing, if only they didn't have to keep on stopping to wind the rubber band up.
Standing where we shouldn't had it's advantages, the planes coming perilously low over our heads. Much lower than they are allowed to fly over the crowds inside.
I don't think you should be waving at me mate... look where you're going... TREE! Oh dear, some one fetch the Balsa wood glue...
Some of the classic WW2 planes displayed. The Lancaster bomber, Spitfire, Mustang and this Hurricane. You'd think they'd treat these rarities with kid gloves, but they really throw them around... good stuff.
I couldn't figure out if this jet was bigger than it first looked, or if the pilot was exceptionally small... or even a child. Have a closer look at the photo, he looks lost in that cockpit/ conservatory.
This is how schoolboys draw jet fighters. Swept back swings, big air intake and pods mounted under the wings. One of these schoolboys grew up and joined the design team at USAF and made something beautiful.
The Typhoon is so quick, I've never managed to get a proper picture or decent video of it... ever. I suppose that's the idea. If you can't even keep it in frame on a camera, then the chances of shooting it down are pretty slim. Click on the picture and enlarge it, and you can see that the pilots have got cool green helmet visors.
This is what drew the record breaking crowds. The last flying example of the awesome Vulcan bomber. Nothing prepares you for the amazing view, as this wafer thin plane turns revealing that distinctive delta wing. The 4 Roll Royce engines are deafening. Covering your ears won't help, as the sound jibbbles your innards. It sets car and house alarms off for miles around!

Remember... as always, clicking on the photo embiggens the image. (Yes embiggens is a word... probably)


patty said...

fun times!!

Lavender said...

hehehe embiggens! "...a perfectly crumpulent word!"

Great shots and great laughs at your descriptions - it seems you know all the best places to watch things from, groovy! as we know it. said...

Yes I embiggened the vulcan bomber that plane is pretty cool.

Great photo's as always!