Sunday, 17 January 2010

Thwarted by the Thaw...

The day was sunny and warm (nearly 10c). I strapped the kayak to the car and set off. At first glance the canal didn't look too bad. On closer inspection I realised that the ice was still a good few inches thick.

A bit of melt water on top of the frozen surface gave the impression that the thaw was well underway, but on chatting to the narrow boat residents (who were furiously chopping wood for their heating) it transpired that they had been frozen in for weeks and didn't expect to go anywhere soon.

My search for liquid kayaking water was thwarted by flooded lanes. Infuriatingly the inviting blue always seemed to be in the next field.

The horse pasture was a tad damp too, although this horse was having a whale of a time kicking its way through the flooded patches.

The donkeys weren't in their normal air raid shelter hangout, and had been moved up to higher ground.

Eventually the lane disappeared entirely and I was forced to turn back. The flood was still rising and I didn't want to be cut off.

For a while it became confusing as to what was lane, field, or river, and I was glad to see tarmac again.

In my quest for a good kayak launching place I headed to a regular spot.

All the melting snow had made this normally peaceful stretch of river a bit rougher than expected. It was icy cold too.... I chickened out!
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow...


Lavender said...

Wow! I think chickening out was a very good call....even if it was a disappointment overall. The news reports make it sound as though spring will never come, but since the earth hasnt stopped rotating (yet) I think they are over-dramatizing things a tad...hang in there!

barkfoot said...

We had some low temps (-23c in some places), but the snow was nothing much to speak of. It just seems like a return to how winters used to be before this global warming stuff. The media made a big deal out of it as usual. Afterall they used to use 'ice breaker' barges on the canals, but they've all been converted into houses, so winters couldn't have changed that much. It's all fun, the more snow the better!