Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fox Tales... Full Circle.

It's been over a year since I first met this little fox, just a tiny fox cub playing on the road. Now fully grown we've learnt to trust each other. I visit every night and we've become friends. She'll sit by my feet, untie my shoelaces, pinch my hat, jump onto the bonnet of my car, and take food so very gently from my hand.

I'm even trusted not to steal the skillfully hunted shrews carefully laid down side by side for a special occasion.

With a distinctive whimpering sound, she called one of the cubs out, encouraging it to investigate the couple of shrews at my feet. I felt honoured to be introduced.

Nervous at first, a bit of food laid out on the usual 'feeding rock' soon had it bounding around with confidence.

Mom was obviously really hungry and was keen to eat in peace for at least a little while. The cub kept its distance fearing a disapproving bark.

Eventually though the smell of the food got the better of it and he crept ever closer.

Mom looked despaired for a moment, she was obviously very tired...

... but then decided to share.

There was a bit of extra food put down that night to make things easier.

The foxes have come full circle, with cubs once again wrestling in the grass outside the abandoned cottage. I feel privileged to be included in this extended family, fascinated by the complexity of fox society, and eager to learn more.


El Arkangel said...

Its amazing the bound you have created.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Madwag said...

that's it!!! I need a fox family too!!! you are so lucky... wish you were my neighbour... I would love to see your foxes

Sharon said...

How lucky you are to have a fox family as friends.

What a great post photos & story!

Alistair said...

dropped in on a random click and have enjoyed a quick look round. Very interesting!

I'll be back soon when I have time for a proper look.


Silvia said...

I spent 20 days in the vineyards in Chile in 2008 where they say there are a lot of foxes.
Haven't seen a single one.
And you are friends with a whole family. Lucky guy!

Silvia - from Brazil

Lavender said...

Brilliant and beautiful Mate! Always a pleasure to find your posts, Cheers!