Friday, 18 May 2007

First sign of madness!...

These signs keep popping up all over the place lately. They are much better than GATSOs, at least these only display your speed rather than fining you by post for going one mile an hour over the limit! Whether or not they are effective at reducing accidents has yet to be proved. They are universally used by 'boy racers' to measure their top speed (they're going to have to add another digit on that!). They also look pretty expensive, which is sort of my point. You want to get your moneys worth, so, location is paramount. This one is on the Boldmere Road in Sutton Coldfield. All would appear fine, until, you draw back.... Further back.....

And now, step into the road....this is the view you get from a car!
The IDIOTS! What a absolute waste of money! It must take some time to erect these signs, surely you would notice your mistake?
The authorities require more and more money off you every year, and they're just pissing it all away!!!
Now this equipment will only indicate the speed of pedestrians walking between the bus stop and the sign!...Careful now!