Saturday, 12 May 2007

The nine lives of Lucy...

Lucy, if that is her name, I'm not sure, isn't my cat. She lives up the road, but we've become good friends. She is forever in the back garden, day and night, hunting and getting into mischief!
Then, gone... haven't seen her for well over a week. Much too fond of bolting across the busy road without looking, I fear the worse.
While sitting on my log in the long grass at the top of the garden drinking coffee, a face suddenly appears!
Yes, 'cheekychops' was back!

"Wad you mean, where have I been?"

Lucy brought along a 'worried' looking friend. This is the nervous kitten that always runs away when you approach. It spends literally hours crouched under the bird table looking up expectantly. Not unusual for a cat you think, but this kitten does it at night! Who knows it might get lucky and catch a passing owl or night jar, but I don't think so!

Now bold with the back up of her new 'hard' mate, she was brave enough to taunt this innocent beech mast floating in the bird bath.

Although she couldn't quite figure out why when she stood on this one particular spot under the wobbly bird bath it would mysteriously begin to away, STOPPED RAINING, creep back to the same away...creep back.. She'll learn, or maybe not!

Happy to be back, even though she denies going anywhere, she was determined not to be moved from the warm, sunny bench at any cost!!

PLeeeaasse don't make me get off, I'll be good. What can you do? Looks like it's my turn on the floor again...


Lesley said...

What adorable kitties! They even stand still long enough to let you get their pictures, mine rarely do.

barkfoot said...

It may appear that they are allowing me to get their pics, but I recently bought a 'fancy pants' hard drive camcorder which means I can take hundreds of shots very quickly. You wouldn't believe the number of tails, empty scenes and blurred fur pictures that I've had to discard!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Well I have always had a soft spot for cats so I love all the pics...what a cutie cheeky chops!