Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I've been tagged by 'Secret Agent' , it's a "Five things" MeMe. So, here goes.....

Five things I was doing 10 years ago.

1) Worrying about what I would be doing in ten years time.

2)Driving way too fast down country lanes in the dead of night with the spotlights ablaze.

3) Thinking I was getting old.

4) Sleeping in a wood in mid winter on a protest camp against the new toll motorway.

5) Enjoying getting out of chairs without grunting and eating what I liked without getting fat.

Favourite snack food.

1) Bacon sandwiches with tomato ketchup. Preferably while camping or kayaking.

2) Chips (UK) with salt and vinegar from a proper chip shop.

3) 'Peperami'.

4) Pork scratchings.

5) Scotch egg.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire.

1) Buy land, put a covenant on it so that it can never be built on, plant a forest and, smile.

2) Pack a hammock, sleeping bag and cashpoint card. Start walking, see what happens...

3) Make sure the bloke who lives rough by the canal is alright.

4) Buy land in Greenland. With all this global warming, it's the next property hot spot (you heard it here first!).

5) Buy a jet pack.

Five songs I know all the lyrics to.

1) Zoolook by Jean Michelle Jarre.

2) Cars by Gary Numan.

3) 'Billy, don't be a hero', don't know who it was by. It was about a soldier going off to war and being told by his fiance not to be a hero 'come back and make me a wife'.

4) 'Jewelled' by 'Propaganda'. Always remember this as it was played on the opening titles of the rally report on BBC. Yes, I know, most of these are instrumentals, but I can hum them perfectly!

5) Can't remember anymore titles let alone the lyrics.

Five bad habits. (only 5?!)

1) Driving way too fast down country lanes in the dead of night, with spotlights ablaze.

2) Unpredictable and sudden bouts of grumpiness.

3) Videoing everything....if it's not on video it probably didn't happen.

4) Ignoring signs; 'slow down', 'keep out', 'quicksand', 'weir', 'bull in field', 'MOD property', 'deep excavations'.

5) Ignoring good advice....who'd have thought it, motorbikes are dangerous!

Five things I like to do.

1) Drive way too fast down country lanes in the dead of night, with spotlights ablaze.

2) Skim stones.

3) Play the keyboard so badly, and so loud that the cats run away and the koi hide at the far end of the aquarium.

4) Camping in Wales......or anywhere.

5) BBQ with friends.

Five things I will never wear again.

1) Lucky pants (underwear) can push your luck too far.

2) Size 'small'....why did I worry about being skinny? (Good old days!)

3) A frown....'don't worry, be happy!'

4) Ill fitting swimming trunks. When I got out of the pool, they didn't.

5) A uniform. School uniform was the bane of my life. Never again will I be bullied into wearing anything so uncomfortable. Nowadays it's cotton or nothing, you don't want me to answer the door to you on a 'polyester' day!!

So, I have to name five people....



Blue the spa girl.

Angela Marie.


Please don't feel obliged, I know some of you have been tagged previously or might not want to be bothered and that's fine by me.


Anonymous said...

Believe or not, but I understand your
driving too fast, I say only, stay alive :) said...

I'm glad I read your profile. I thought you were a female and thought it was odd that you were wearing swim "trunks". ha ha. We love London.... Gorgeous. I love driving way tooo fast too. Had to slow it down as the state of Virginia has threatened to suspend my license. Now with our new speeding laws in place I needed to put the brakes on. lol.

photowannabe said...

You're a fascinating person and I enjoyed reading your meme's. Thanks for sharing.

lynn said...

Fascinating, thanks.

Lavender said...

Can eating chips, and wearing the jet pack be combined? :)

Blue said...

Okay. I'll do it! Loved your answers btw. I will get to it this week sometime.

secret agent said...

nothing beats chips with vinegar.... except an aero bar.

The underwear you'll never wear again.... Free spirit are we?????

photogirl said...

i drive fast too!!! you gotta when you own a muscle car! ... proud owner of a '99 Ford Mustang. ooooo yay baby!


Angela Marie said...

I do love reading these meme's. I learn so much about a person! You had great answers too!

so, I have been tagged! Now, I am not very good at these. But, I will give it a go and try to post it sometime this week. There is another one floating around that I have been tagged with too.