Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Catnip capers.....

The cats are fond of playing 'hide and seek'. I'm not sure if I taught them or they're teaching me. If you would like to play too, here is the recipe for success..... First you need the right apparel. Humans are big compared to cats, so you are at a distinct disadvantage. Camouflage evens up the odds!
Next you need a big bag of drugs. Catnip is the favourite , give it a good rub to make it extra potent. It's a shame this doesn't work on humans, but it leaves cats quite discombobulated.

Finally, you will need a large basket of cats. Any sort will do, and as many as you can find.
Sprinkle liberally with catnip, and stir gently until you hear a loud purr.

Quickly tip your cats out. You may find that some stick to the sides, but these can be coaxed out with further catnip. Allow to settle until the initial frenzy has subsided giving way to a druggie playfulness.

Lucy was intent on bending the rules even though there weren't any, and it was decided that the garage roof was deemed out of bounds.

Max hadn't quite got a handle on the matter of scale and seemed pretty sure that I was hiding in the old chimney pot.

Lenny was ingenious when it came to hiding places but just hadn't got the patience to stay hidden and couldn't resist another peek. He was quickly caught.

After an hour of intense game play, Lucy eventually fell victim to too much catnip and fell asleep in the compost heap.

With Baggy hiding so well nobody ever found her and Lenny being called in for tea, Max was declared the winner by default.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of a small black fluffy kitten with a white nose flash answering to the name of 'Baggy', 'come here', 'dindins' or pretty much anything as long as it's in a friendly voice then please get in touch......


secret agent said...

funny as hell!!!!
looks like my life, making an ass of myself chasing cats.
hope you find kitty.

and no, he has no policy on me
but I have tons on him :)

Lesley said...

That looks like a fun day for 3 furry friends.
They are all so cute!

Lavender said...

ROFL! Delightful! Thanks so much for the big laughs, Top post!
What did you serve for 'munchies'?

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Back from China and back online again!
Ok, I am a sucker for a blog post with cats in!!

photowannabe said...

Great story about the crazy cats. Hope you find Baggy.
So glad to finally be back to blogging after the last frustrating week. Drop by Barky.

Angela Marie said...

Oh you make me laugh!
Looks like you had fun...


photogirl said...

First I smiled.

Then I laughed.

Then I thought… "Cute post!"

I find it amusing that the author of this blog goes by "Barkfoot" and has such an affinity for felines. I hear Sesame Street in my head: "One of these things is not like the others."

Do they have Sesame Street in the U.K.? Or will this and possibly future American pop culture references leave you scratching your head?


secret agent said...

you've been naughty

Sharon said...

This was very funny... loved the story and the pics.

Hope all kittys have safely returned home.

barkfoot said...

Photogirl - Yes we did have Sesame Street, so I'll get most of the cultural references, but if in the future I get the wrong end of the stick because of some British quirk, then you'll have to forgive me.
Secret agent - You started it with your purring furminator!!

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting my site. If you go back to my archives on January 10th 2007, I posted a photo of his snowballs! Sorry I cant link you directly to that post. So you will have to scan through all my January posts to get to it!
Loved your cat post. We have three purrboxes and they love catnip. Our Sasha is a black and white tuxedo cat and resembles one of your puds.

Susan said...

Ops that would be he archives of my family blog at

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...


My Daughter Susan (previous poster) told me about your site.

If catnip worked on us... it would be banned

secret agent said...


zmoose said...

Just the photo of the tipped-out basket of cats with one still sticking to the side, on it's own, was the funniest thing I've seen all week. I must get some catnip for Sumpy.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Can't believe you have "drugs" as a tag/label!!!
You are too funny. These cats are so sweet, their little faces, all hopped up on nip. Too sweet!

Floderten said...

What a nice story. ;) I loved the part where cats stick to sides of baskets!

How did you find my blog, if you don't mind me asking? I don't really see you as a type of bloke who likes to sit down with a cuppa and some good knitting. ;)

Trine xx

Btw - I will try being nice to Hank next time. If he's nice to me. If not, I'll get him sugar-hyped on the free cocoa I can get. See how he likes THAT kind of jam. Bastard. ;)

barkfoot said...

Floderton - I can't rightly remember how I came across your blog, I think I was just ambling from comment box to comment box and stumbled on your Hank story.
Of course I can knit, what man can't?! (very, very slowly though!)

Diana said...

YOU are freakin' funnny! I will be back for more that's for sure.

First time visitor and won't be my last....