Thursday, 23 August 2007

My 7 'P's....

I've been tagged, this time by Lesley ( I'm not sure of the rules for this one, just 7 'P's.... PADDLING... Kayaks of course. I'm never happier and more relaxed as when I'm out on the water.

PETER PRINCIPLE... "In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." This is why I'm self employed, there is no hierarchy, so I'm free to be incompetent at all times!

PHONETIC... Why is it spelt this way?

PETROL... Why in the UK do we have to pay 80% tax on petrol?! As I fill up I count in my head how much is going to the government and how much is in the tank. Also, while we're on the subject, why when we had the opportunity to protest and make our views known during a rush hour 1 min demo was it just me and one van driver.....where were you all? Premium petrol costs £1.10 a litre (£4.16 a gallon), how much does it have to cost before we demand a tax reduction?

PHOTOGRAPHS... Since my hit and run accident my memory has been patchy at best, if it wasn't for all the photos I'm sure I would have 'lost' big chunks of my life. Now I photo and video everything just in case.

PUBLIC... I'm so glad I'm not a 'member of the public'. They aren't allowed to do anything. You always see signs saying 'No Entry to Members of the Public' or 'Members of the Public are not allowed to.....'. Of course, by not being a member of the public none of these signs apply to me, it makes life so much simpler!

PIPISTRELLE... I was once bitten by a Pipstrelle bat. 'Boris' the bat was found in a gutter by my brother, we tried to nurse it back to health. It was while trying to coax it to eat a yummy moth that I was bitten. Unfortunately Boris didn't make it. I'm still awaiting my special super bat powers to develop, nothing yet, but I do sometimes wake up with the pillows at the wrong end of the bed.

Now I have to pick five victims...I mean people, to tag. As per normal it isn't a chain letter so don't feel obliged...


Lavender said...

" I'm free to be incompetent at all times!"
ROFL! Thats the way, Mate!
But you do write a Particularly good blog, Cheers!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Let me know how the bat powers are coming!

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Hi Barkfood,
Thanks so much for dropping by at my Dutch/English blog, lucky you that I posted lots of photo's about DUTCH CULTURE today, also a post before photo's from my travels to SPAIN, and FRANCE.

Overal I like meeting other cultures and I like sharing interests , such as photograpy . YOU BLOG IS GREAT, lucky me that you Picked 5 P's today, I would like to visit your blog again, I am interested very much in your country the UK and everything else:)

Welcome to visit my blog another day another time!

Bye hope to see you back, ahve a good weekend:)

secret agent said...

You gotta have a batmobile for the powers to kick in. I know these things.
Did you ever see the movie with Drew Barrymore
"50 first dates"?
Are you like that?

oh...I linked you under cute Brit... you have your own category

Angela Marie said...

Secret Agent already said what I was going to. You have to have the bat mobile. That is all there is to it.

I was driving down a country road today, the only one on the road, thought about you when I hit the pedal... I thought my Jag was going to take lift off! :) That was a rush!

barkfoot said...

Secret Agent - Yes, I had the Batmobile the other day and I parked it away safely in the Bat cave, but now I can't find the secret entrance. I've still got the cape, but it doesn't look right with the Nissan Micra!
Cute Brit?! Now I've gone red.
Angela Marie - I love driving Jags, they're one of my favourites and built locally too.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Of all your seven "Ps" , I like the Public "P" best because it applies to me also, whenever I see a "No Entry" sign or "Road Closed", that is for the other people not for me and off I go into forbidden territory

secret agent said...

forgot to photo the entrance I bet said...

Ahhhh Bat boy how hot!