Saturday, 29 December 2007

Hoar Cross Downhill....moving pictures (whatever next!)

There was a good turn out, many not venturing up the steep hill but instead generating more charitable funds by watching the big screen and drinking from the Meynell Arms and the beer tent (all profits to a good cause).

If your brakes worked, then the plan was to stop and ring the bell, if not then hay bails were provided for 'your comfort'.

The General Lee was able to stop without jumping the bridge which is always 'out'.......Daisy did turn up, but she looked better on TV!

This one was shaped like a coffin... it always pays to be prepared.

It may not appear that fast, but then it's not you that is an inch from the ground about to receive a bout of 'gravel rash'!!

30 to 40 mph in a low slung pram...transport of the future (the oil will run out one day)!

40 ++++ foot of downhill go-kart...the stuff of childhood dreams.

NASA funding cutbacks cause a complete re-think on launching techniques.

The 'Harry Potter' bus is a little unstable even in its scaled down form...... Double decker buses four times the height of this drive past my house every day, what the hell were we thinking of when we invented these!!!!!

The 'bath tub' chassis design has been embraced by Formula One designers as the ultimate in safety....Oh , crap let's hope so!......


Madwag said...

the coke truck was really cool!! how fun!!! we would have loved to go and see something like this... maybe next year.

Foster Communications said...

Too fun! I'd go for a ride in that bathtub any day! Maybe not the Harry Potter bus, that looked a bit too sketchy for me!

Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

Thomas and I loved the rocket one, the pink smoke was ace!

Also wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy New Year!

photowannabe said...

That was the most fun I have had today. What clever karts. I especially like the Pepsi one. Thanks for all your hard work on the videos. Very entertaining.
Happy New Year to you and looking forward to many more great posts in 2008.