Thursday, 13 December 2007

Not much done, in the winter sun....

There's not much been going on lately. Hardly enough daylight to have any adventures, but the sun being so low in the sky does have its bonuses..... beautiful sunsets. Although this scene appears idyllic with the oak and hay stack on a lonely hill, it was in fact masked by the roar of cars hurtling past on the M6 motorway.... a picture tells a thousand words but not necessarily the truth!
Competing with the noise of the road, this passenger jet rumbled as it streaked across the sky, its vapour trail illuminating in the sunlight like a comets tail.

The birds flew West, heading to the sanctuary of the local lakes.

They always seem to head out East in the morning and return to the West come evening. I don't know the reason for this, maybe having the sun in front makes navigation simpler, or perhaps they appreciate the sun rise/ set too.

You really feel the temperature plummet as the sun retreats this time of year....roll on spring.

Personally I'd be tucking those feet into my feathers!

When it's cold and crisp like this, the vapour trails from the airliners linger for hours.
I'm hoping it's going to be clear the next few nights as there is a meteor shower due. Eyes to the skies, especially on Friday.

I've noticed an awful lot of military jets lately. These were unusually coming from the direction of the local city civilian airport.

Normally they stay well away from passenger jet flight paths. They were in an almighty hurry and I had next to no time to snatch a quick photo. Makes you wonder what they're up to.

The day came to an end as the ribs of multi coloured cloud painted their fading scene in the dimming sky....


Jessica Foster said...

These are gorgeous photos Barkfoot. I love the one of the bird flying with the sun, his feet visible.
I think we appreciate the sun more this time of year, because there is so little of it. I am counting the days to the end of next week when the days will once again start getting longer.

Lesley said...

Fantastic photos!

Lavender said...

Love those birdy shots, very dramatic (and Im with you, Id have tucked my feet in to!!)
Nice treatment on the haystack sunset shot - too bad it wasnt as idyllic as it looks - know that feeling well ((grumble grumble))
Lovely finishing shot too - I think youve made the best of the light you have to work with, Cheers!

maia said...

Gorgeous pictures.

secret agent said...

truthful or not that first one should be hanging in a gallery

JLee said...

wow...I love the first one and the birds mid-flight. Spectacular!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Great sunset pics. i live in a valley and the sun sets over a 6000ft mountain about 15 or 20 degrees from here.
I see the Geminid meteors peek on Friday, thanks for the reminder and close to New Moon so dark skies, providing there are no clouds.
Here is a link to my astronomy group

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I have been in Canada 30plus years but come from Bolton, when I was over last year, drove down the M6 and since the time before, they built a new Motorway, the toll M6 which I took by mistake and went all the way around B'ham on my way to S Wales.

Lucy said...
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barkfoot said...

Outhouse capital of Canada - I spent a very cold winter sleeping in a wood trying to stop it being destroyed by the building of the new M6 Toll. I'm scared of heights and had to spend a lot of time helping build protest tree houses and traversing aerial rope walkways 30 foot up. Only a small portion of 'Greenwood' survives....You can't win them all.

Floderten said...

Oh such pretty pictures, Barkfoot! Please tell me that's what you do for a living... :P

And yes, I do in fact believe that a good shagging can solve a lot of problems. Other solutions are "chocolate" and "cyanide".
I live a simple life. ;)

photowannabe said...

Well for not much going on you found a lot to photograph and ponder. Great stuff. I like the way your mind works.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Amazing sunset photos Barky!
Yes, come on Spring.