Tuesday, 3 February 2009


We only had a sprinkling of snow in the UK, but there was enough to build an igloo.
As I piled the snow high and carefully hollowed out the interior I contemplated spending a cosy night sleeping out in it.
There had been a terrible mistake of scale... I don't know if I mistook inches for millimetres on the plans. Maybe the cat had grown... No, something had definitely gone wrong!
Never mind, the cats think it's great...


Sagent said...

I like the little igloo.
The cat needs a little heater in there.
seriously.....kitty looks EXACTLY like about 10 of mine
with the white whiskers.

Lavender said...

ROFL! Thats brilliant!

3D said...

Cutest kitty igloo I have ever seen. And here we have lots of snow to make igloos!!

Keep smilin!

Lesley said...

Nice to have someone to appreciate your hard work. What a cute kitty!