Saturday, 7 February 2009


It was a long way off, but in the far corner of a large field was something red moving about. At first I thought it was a fox... no, it was too long. Perhaps a deer? It wasn't until I looked through my stills camera at 12x optical that I realised what I was looking at.
I zoomed into the digital range of my camera, things got fuzzy but I could just make out not one fox but two! It's that time of year when foxes like to get jiggy...

With the better zoom (35x optical) on my video camera I could see a little better. The wind was blowing me about so the shots were somewhat unsteady.
At this point it is best to cross your legs because fox shenanigans can bring tears to your eyes. Foxes will start mating in a conventional 'doggy' style. At first the dog fox's penis isn't completely erect, but once inside it begins to swell. At the same time the vixens vagina will start to constrict. This combined with the barbed shape of dog fox's member, 'locks' them together (to ensure fertilisation). This is called the 'tie'. After ejaculation the dog will try to dismount and the couple will end up back to back. Unfortunately this can last for hours, and in the mean time the dog fox will dragged around by his precious bit! So when you hear those foxes howling in the night please be sympathetic and give a thought for Mr. Fox...


Lavender said...

Now now Mate, cats are the same, and no one gives them any sympathy LOL
Fancy that tho, you catching them in the act, youve got timing....heck, spring really is on the way, eh?!

Madwag said...

wow... that is incredible... thank you for the video etc.... guess it isn't so easy for them like it is for us...but...

photowannabe said...

Quite amazing footage.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Its been a while.

3D said...

That is so wrong but so funny!

Keep smilin!

Adrian Baca said...

Amazing. Great video

Madwag said...

you should have seen my chipmunks going at it yesterday (it's about time!) ... I half expected the other pets in my house to give them ratings and standing ovations... made me blush

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