Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fox Tales...1

It was raining. It had rained ALL day and the cubs were getting bored.
The outside world always looked so exciting, but when you've got so much fluff to get sodden, the long wet grass may as well be a lake.
Nightime came, the skies cleared and it was time to go exploring.
Something smelt nice...
... but where was it?
OOooh found it! 'Someone' had left a big pile of food. Now if only I could get to it before the others spot it...
... too late! Dinnertime always ends up in a scrap!


patty said...

good stuff Julian... you always have the coolest animal/wildlife stuff on your blog!!!

Lavender said...

LOL! Feisty little fellas, arent they - and so many of them... poor Mama, bet she was pleased theyd 'found' something on thier own LOL
Great shots and footage, well done! :)

"M2" said...

incredible video
how did you get so close?
I want one.