Sunday, 12 July 2009

Fox Tales... The Wascally Wabbit

They might look cute, but one of their favourite pastimes is pulling the heads off small fluffy creatures. On the way to visit them is a fast section of road. Here, many rabbits fall victim to their own over confidence that they can outrun a speeding car. The corpses are quickly pounded into the road until only a velvety outline is left. It seems a waste. If I come across a fresh body I'll take it for the cubs.

Not willing to share the cabin with a bleeding body, I'll prop it up outside at the bottom of the windscreen. Usually they just look like they are asleep. It wasn't until I came to the dark country lane and switched on my rooflights that the full horror was illuminated. Its eyeball was hanging out and flapping in the wind, tapping on the glass....AAAargh!

Still, the fox cubs didn't seem to mind. "I wuv my wabbit!.."

4 comments: as we know it. said...

Strangely when I read the title of you post I just knew this wasn't going to include a live cute jumping around bunny rabbit!

Lavender said...

Oh thanks for the big belly laugh Barkfoot - the flapping eyeball - ROFL I can imagine it in all its gory glory! Guess you will have to add a few clean up things to your car kit - for next time LOL

"M2" said...


patty said...

I love your fox stories... I wish I could see them! I'm glad you give them roadkill... what a brilliant idea!!