Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Burly Bird gets the Worm...

The weather this week has been somewhat confused. You'll set off in sunshine, only to be caught out in a blizzard, shortly followed by sunshine as if nothing had happened.

The sunny weather lured me out onto the water, but after only a mile kayaking it greyed over leaving me to paddle the last 4 miles in freezing rain.

The fox hates it too, you can tell. When there is a clear starry night , he's a happy chappy, but he really isn't keen on the wet weather. His little paws get soggy and he's quick to grab his food and take it somewhere dry to hold up.

Even the Buzzards are finding it difficult. Their main prey around here are rabbits and they don't tend to come out during the day when the weather is bad.

They're having to resort to low level ambush hunting of hedgerow birds and eating worms from the newly ploughed fields. I didn't realise Buzzards ate worms, and for a long while wondered why they were sitting out in the muddy furrows. They must have to eat a lot of worms to feed a bird with a wingspan of over a metre!


Lavender said...

4 miles in freezing rain BRRRRRRR!!
Still, bet it was good to be out and about again.....Hey, I can see that Foxy Loxy isnt impressed at all, he looks positively disgruntled! And WHOA! What a great pair of shots of the buzzard, Im jealous, well done! I think they are called Red Tailed Hawk over in the US. The Ted tail is my favourite raptor, and yes, they will take worms - take whatevers going when the rabbits and rodents have gone to ground. Bet youre right tho, it must take ALOT of worms.
Cheers Mate!

(PS hope your spammers bugger off, quite the pests arent they, with thier 'hundred link' links, must have nothing better to do?)

Lavender said...

LOL Ted tail LOL

One handed till tuesday...