Sunday, 21 February 2010

Skeleton in the Woods...

It was way too cold to go kayaking, so I opted for a walk instead, choosing to visit some of my old haunts. The windchill under the leadened skies persuaded me to leave the high open ground and seek the comfort of the woods.

Amongst the trees I stumbled across an old friend. The skeletal remains of a once loved shelter. Although now bare, the framework had survived well, still able to support my full weight.

It was over three and a half years ago that I built this bivi as a bolt hole from bad weather. It had been a great place to stop for a nap or to cook a snack, but I abandoned it after it became apparent that a local Muntjac deer was using it as a rest up. There are no tracks, or signs of use, so maybe come spring I might re-thatch it and move back in.

The wind dropped and the sun emerged with a surprising warmth, luring me out onto a sunny snow covered bank.

Settled in the sunshine I felt it was definitely time for something to eat.

You can't beat Camp coffee and some of my favourite Clam Chowder soup when it's cold out.

Feeling full, I was content to stretch out and absorb as much sunshine as I could while watching the snow slowly melt off the Gorse flowers.

The blue skies departed as the lowering sun heralded the end of the day. I followed the meandering stream along the valley, homeward bound...


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

What is that white stuff on the ground?
We have had a mild winter, this month has been one sunny day after another.

Lavender said...

Good thing I dont know where your Bivi is, or youd find me living in it when you next vistied LOL Im still looking for a good cave down here!
Sounds like a great day out, and a nice lunch as well, Cheering!

Monica said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love that you were able to make a great day out of an otherwise "cold, miserable" winter day when most people stay inside with their TVs and computers. Bravo! Your blog is definitely engaging.

Shibby said...

Cool blog :)
Thanks for the comment =)