Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Alien Invaders!...

They hide amongst us, still, and unnoticed...

Insidiously multiplying, their alien pods spreading their seed. Soon the brook is obscured by their masses, obliterating all other plants in their way.

The honeybees tend their blooms, unaware of their part in this alien invasion. The Himalayan Balsam seducing them with its pretty pretty flowers. Pollen on the bees back stains them white with the mark of the collaborator.

The snails are on our side, eating as much as they can, but can so few make a difference against so many?

How could the other plants compete against such a weapon of mass dispersion? Even at x8 slower the explosive pods burst in the blink of an eye.

Slowed x16, their ballistic power is apparent, with a range of several metres.

Alien technology developed over millenniums have overpowered the innocent inhabitants of the humble British waterways. (slowed x33)

The river banks are littered with the shrapnel of this silently raging war. "Your country(side) needs you"... Stop the alien invasion!


NanU said...

well.... how? Import a yeti?

Lavender said...

Mate! Your x33 clip - the angle you shot it at was great - very Hollywood! LOL
LOVE the slow mo, and your point - its the same everywhere with introduced species. Ive been known to pull up 'weeds' in the bush lately....I had been just picking up trash. I started out picking up just one piece of trash every time I got out of the car - and now Ive got my own 60 litre tub I take with me - and usually fill the damn thing!

Madwag said...

what camera are you using???? that is awesome

barkfoot said...

It's a Fuji HS10, I love it. It'll take 1080p video and high speed video up to 1000 frames per second as well as the usual stills. It's just what I need when I'm out and about. From macro to 30x optical zoom I can capture most stuff.