Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Watch where you sit...

There's been some really rainy days recently, it seems autumn has struck with a vengeance.

As you can see I've occupied myself as best I can on the wetter days, playing with matches in the house.

At last a sunny day, and immediately I was outside with my camera snapping anything that got in my way.

I decided to go to Sutton Park and look for deer tracks. A Red stag was found wandering the city streets last week. It was captured and released in the park. Little Muntjacs leave their prints all over the place, but there is rarely anything larger. The smooth, wet sand is ideal for preserving tracks.

I searched all the likely places for deer to hang out, choosing to concentrate on the less visited areas. Then, in the quiet of a deserted wood, a noise of something large making its way through the foliage. I froze, camera at the ready... It was one of the Exmoor ponies curious to see who was trespassing in their patch.

My legs were tired and my throat dry. It was time for my flask of coffee. I found a quiet, open glade and made myself comfortable on a stretch of dry stones. It was nice to sit in the sun. 'Poop', 'BeeePoop'!!! What was that?...

I found myself somewhere more peaceful to finish my coffee.

I'll have to find the Stag another day.

For now I'm happy watching the diamonds dance on the water.


NanU said...

Cool films. Sounds like a lovely day.

Lavender said...

Whoa! Check out the rocks - its like a heartbeat - too much fun Barkfoot!