Friday, 15 October 2010

Stag Does...

Following my previous experiences of the Fallow deer rut, I decided that I'd like to try and find some Red deer. They're not nearly as common as the Fallow deer, but I'd heard that there were some small herds to be found just a few miles from where I live.

I discovered plenty of tracks new and old, so I knew they were about. The rain lashed down and after walking miles a cold wind picked up causing a soul destroying chill. I'd just about given up on finding them when, on the far side of some railway lines they trotted out in front of me.

At first they were nervous, ushering the younger ones back into the cover of the scrub. Faining disinterest, while enthusing over some grass, I convinced them that I too was a harmless grazing animal.

For a moment I thought that there was a Stag in the group, until I realised that one of the Does was standing in front of a couple of conveniently positioned branches!

The mothers and their offspring were very affectionate to one another, constantly nuzzling and showing attention.

The clouds lifted, the rain stopped. More deer emerged from the trees.

They seemed remarkably relaxed as I took their pictures.

Some were even curious.

Eventually they began to move off.

A couple of last glances...

... at the strange new herbivore on the other side of the tracks.

An inquisitive gallery of faces peer back at me before wandering off. Please ignore what the one on the left is doing!

Astounding how such a large animal simply disappears in the tall grass...

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