Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tiny Tots Teatime Toytime Time...

You know what it's like when the chair feels oh so comfy, but you really need a cup of tea? You'd do anything to get someone to go and make you a nice cuppa. Problem is, everyone else feels the same way, and that's when the arguments start...Who's making the tea?

Now, thanks to the wonderment of modern technology and the clever wizardry of a good friends programming skills, worry no more. Simply click on your free to download application... "Who's Making the Tea?"

Just enter the names of the disputing tea buddies, and then select one of two entertaining ways to decide who's putting that kettle on.

The 'Pointer of Misfortune' will keep you on the edge of your seat, making you feel all the more comfy when you realise it's someone elses turn to serve the beverages.

Occasionally the needle of doom will fall on 'Respin'. The rising anticipation will make your mouth turn drier, but the tea taste all the sweeter!

Trust your luck to the turn of a card. Will you be 'safe' or will the kettle whistle call you to tea service?

This fun application with its wacky music is absolutely free to download. There are no hidden nasties to haunt your computer, just good honest fun. Simply CLICK HERE to visit "Proper Bostin Games" and get your copy now!

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