Friday, 4 February 2011

Railway Journeys... Destination, Nowhere!

It was nice to be out walking in Cannock Chase. The wind was blowing a gale, but it was mild. High up on the hill, surrounded by forest, you could see for miles around.

In a large clearing I came to a railway level crossing. It seemed odd finding it up on the crest of a steep sided hill. Not where you would expect to find a railway at all.

Confident that there wasn't a train due, I stood on the tracks to take a photo.

There was something fishy about this. The lines didn't go anywhere.

There wasn't even a road to warrant the need for a crossing on the imaginary railway. To top it, there were overhead power lines that also went nowhere.... and a junction box... emergency telephones... signage. There is no road, railway, station, or anything on the top of this deserted hill, there never has been, and there are no plans to build any. What the hell is going on?!... Maybe I imagined it all...


Madwag said...

I bet it is for training .... maybe to drive a lorry or something???

Madwag said...

Maybe a movie set???

Claudia Zelech said...
welcome ! : ))