Friday, 11 February 2011

Air Ambulance...

Resting up with a sniffly cold, my afternoon snooze was abruptly interrupted with some loud drilling noises from the workmen next door. I turned over and pressed my ear deep into the pillow trying to block out the infernal racket. The irritating buzzing continued, if anything it was getting louder. What on earth were they doing?!
I glared out the window only to see the normally busy road deserted...

I rushed outside as I realised that what I thought was drilling was a helicopter circling very low. It was the air ambulance looking for a spot to land.

After a perilous hover, slotting itself between telephone lines, it must have been a relief to the pilot to be safely on the ground, as the gas turbine engines whined to a halt.

With the rotors at a standstill, the crew sprung into a calm, but efficient routine.

The casualty was being treated in a waiting ambulance, as the helicopter was prepared.

A spine board was used to safely carry out the transfer from stretcher to air ambulance.

As far as I could ascertain, a car had been in collision with a female pedestrian. There was damage to the bonnet and windscreen, as well as an ominous dent high up on the A-pillar.

Ironically, dangling from the rear view mirror was a tag in support of the Midlands Air Ambulance.

The co-pilot checked the take off area, while the police ushered onlookers to a safe distance.

The gas turbines wound into life, while the sound of the blades rose to a deafening roar. Hesitantly the impressive machine hauled itself into the air, before gaining its grace and soaring off into the sky.

There was a small fleet of unmarked police cars (including these two regular BMWs) that had needlessly turned up. There were more than enough patrol cars to carry out all duties, and sitting there for nearly an hour was a poor use of resources.

The forensic collision investigation unit were very thorough, the scene measured, searched and photographed.
Thank goodness for the air ambulance. I will be putting some money in their donation box again this week...


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