Monday, 26 March 2007

That's not going to wax out!

Today I drove my sister to the compound where her car was being stored after Saturdays crash.
The damage looked even worse in daylight. I don't remember the grill being quite so high up!

The bonnet has transformed into some type of blast shield!

This brings back memories of rolling my Rover Metro all those years ago. An understanding girlfriend put up with me even though I could have killed her..Sorry.

I managed to rebuild my beloved Metro within a couple of weeks, using a new bodyshell, but this little one eyed chap has had it I'm afraid.

Lucky there was no passenger in this car, as the nearside A-post has begun to collapse.

There.. I've put the bonnet down and it looks fine!...I think we could get away with selling this on E-bay! "Low mileage Nissan Micra (red), Taxed & Mot'd. Recently serviced, Slight attention to bodywork required."

Yes... the more I look at it, it's not so bad. I've seen worse mini cabs around "Newtown".
"Sorry mate, I'm not going south of Lozells this time of night!"

Why didn't the airbag go off? The fuel shut off was triggered, so by rights the airbag should have gone off as well. Perhaps you only get the airbag on the "GS", on this model you only get the steering wheel with the "airbag" logo! Just like on the Range Rover "Auto Biography" where you can order any extra you desire, but often the only one requested is the "Auto Biography" badge on the rear!!

Don't let this put you off driving fast. Just don't do it all the while!


Wendy Killoran said...

Enjoy blogging! And with spring here now, hope you enjoy your paddling journeys.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Wow you did lots of posts, I must keep up!
Glad to see your sis is ok.

Funny because I was just thinking about the Rover Metro crash the other day, it was amazing that neither of us had a even a scratch!