Monday, 11 June 2007

Air show cont'd.....

I never used to like the RAF parachute team display when I was a kid, but now I've got my own parachute, it suddenly seems more interesting. Still, that label that was attached to it troubles me...."Certified scrap, All liabilities denied, all explosives removed safely". It's nice to know it's not going to blow up, but I won't be jumping out of any planes with it!

The well choreographed display, declined into an out and out race. I don't know whether they had a bet or whether they could just see the beer tent!

Helicopters, I like these. They stay put so you can photograph them.

Tornados are great. They are swing wings so are constantly changing shape.

The nose is pointing at the ground, and you've got the afterburners on?! Are you sure that's right?

Are you sure you shouldn't be pulling up now? Are you sure you're sure?!

Maybe the ectoplasm is obscuring the ground. Yes, it is called ectoplasm! Yes, I know they had it in 'Ghostbusters'! You'll have to go and look it up then....

A quick tug of the handbrake and he levels out. You can tell it was a humid day, as the wing tip pressure leaves condensation trails.

A Wasca plane flies high overhead, probably keeping an eye out for more microlights.

There were three Tornados flying simultaneously. They make a great noise when there is so many.

I love some of the WW2 fighters, they have such a dynamic look. For a 60 year plus plane he's still throwing it about a bit!

A Dakota (I think) comes into land (no, maybe not a Dakota, it's got English markings; I don't know) and so ends the show. Back to my secret parking place and bypass the traffic home...

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