Friday, 15 June 2007

Plantsbrooks revenge.....

This is Plantsbrook, a quiet babbling brook. It rises from springs in the acres of Sutton Park. Sparkling waters twist and turn via lakes and trickles giving joy to paddlers and wildlife alike. Once revered for its purity and worth, it has in recent times been abused and neglected. Storm drains wash pollution into its once crystal waters. It has been diverted, culverted and thrust underground like an unneeded nuisance. Its banks have been stripped of vegetation and its flood plains built on.
A dark stormy night, rain so heavy it strips branches off the trees... Swollen and troubled, the angry waters seek their revenge....

First in line, the leisure centre. Retribution for diverting Plantsbrook and spoiling it in a nasty culvert!

The last remaining pool grows rapidly transforming the surrounding woodland into something resembling mangroves.

"I will not be diverted". The stream reclaims its original course. Too bad if the developers built that house in the way! "I'm coming through!"

Plantsbrook forces its way through. The open garage door marks the passage of the current, and opposite a metal door buckles under the pressure. "I will not be stopped".

The series of lakes and water meadows on which the flats were built, live once again.

I'm sure he wished he'd paid heed to the sign!

Steal my picturesque banks and you'll pay the price!

An innocent bystander watches on and sympathises.
Heed the warning, the smallest trickle can become a torrent. Respect Plantsbrook and it will cool your feet on a hot day, lull you with its babbling while you daydream and rest your eyes with its calm beauty. Mistreat it and it will flood you out, wash you away and make you pay!!!

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Lesley said...

Here we have what are called flash floods. They aren't caused my rivers overflowing, but rather the ground not being able to soak up heavy rains quick enough. Even though we lost a electric pole to one last year and a bridge across the ditch, I would much rather have them than what I see in those photos.
That first photo looks so nice and peaceful. :)