Sunday, 24 June 2007

Two become one.....

It was the tiny twins 1st birthday on Saturday ( see them hatch and grow at ) and we were all invited to a party.....
We've had rain for days and days, but Maxine ordered some sunshine and it arrived an hour early!

There were plenty of helium balloons, but not quite enough to achieve 'zero gravity' for a small child...shame!

The twins received loads of presents. Shiny paper, twinkly ribbons, brightly coloured bows....all their favourite things! Some of them had stuff inside.

All children had to be 'spun' regularly, it was the rule. Or so they told me. Safety was paramount, all hands were applied with sticky chocolate cake to avoid slipping.
I was glad when Jon and my brother Russell arrived to take over the fairground duties as my war wounds were beginning to play up.

The paparazzi were out in force. The twins lapped up the attention, playing to the cameras.

Although I set the shutter speed to 'Max', she proved difficult to capture on film. Trays of yummy food magically appeared, spillages were wiped and all by the blur known as Maxine!!

I had an informative crawl around the garden with the twins. The stone steps were a bit hard on the knees, but we found some bad plants we shouldn't eat and some good plants we could. The Rosemary smelt odd, but we rubbed it on our noses anyway.

Sometimes when it all gets too much, Daddy makes it alright again. "I'll hit him with this brick, then he'll know that I care."

The peaceful game of garden Jenga inevitably descended into civil war. Wooden blocks were violently exchanged as tiredness and 'e' numbers distorted young minds perception of fair play. A peacekeeping force was brought in and an uneasy ceasefire was maintained.

Chris loved playing the 'slam the door shut' game, honing his skills for his teenage years.

A great tiny tots teatime toy time time was had by all!


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

How great, what a blast from the past seeing everyone there..that's so cool!

Anali said...

So cute! It looks like a great party! Belated Happy Birthday to the twins!

Sharon said...

Hey I think a good brick to the head might be able to solve a lot of problems.

Very cute... looks like everyone had a good time.

Russell Hill said...

What makes it more interesting is that it's all true, every last bit of it: the child spinning, the plant eating, the bricks to the head (ouch!)...yes, even the jenga block throwing contest (there was some severe reprimands handed out by angry mothers)...sadly we never did get round to testing the "how many balloons does it take to float a child" theory or perhaps we'd have another UFT sighting on the cards (Unidentified Flying Twin)...

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Barkfoot! Those kids are too cute!
I have a two year old who is also practicing for her teen years with the slamming of doors!
Watch out for those bricks!