Monday, 10 September 2007

Coast trip...Day two.(kayaking)....

From the campsite the sea looked perfect for kayaking. After a big mug of tea and the last of the bacon, we set off.... There was too much surf at the local beach so we headed up the coast to an old fishing harbour. After a lot of lugging of heavy stuff it was quite a relief to be out on the water relaxing.

At first I found the conditions a little unsettling as a wind picked up. I use a long paddle with a large blade and this meant that it would get caught by gusts, threatening to tip me over. Gradually, after a few wobbles I got used to it and started to really enjoy myself.

It is so tranquil out at sea, sometimes you feel like paddling out to the horizon and not coming back...

...but eventually your arms tire and your tummy rumbles, so I made my way to shore.

The campsite we stayed at is popular with fishermen who like to cast from the rocks beneath the cliff. Mackerel or Sea Bass are the normal catch, and the waters were teaming with them. More than they could eat or take home, kindly they gave some to us. It was left to me to do the messy beheading and gutting, the Seagulls appreciated the leftovers.

They were fresh enough to eat Sushi style, but there's nothing to beat a good fire. Driftwood and a couple of sharpened sticks were all that was needed to get dinner on the go.

The smell was fantastic, I think it was the best fish I've ever had. If only I didn't live so far from the coast I'd eat like this every day!

The wind really picked up on the evening tide and we had some great fun kayaking in the surf. The nose of your boat would point skyward as you rode the waves and once out in open water the swell was so great that it would leave you in the air as the wave passed and then the kayak would drop into the trough with a slap. Coming into shore you could sit forward (not too far or you go arse over tip) and surf much fun.
Tired and happy, I crawled into my sleeping bag.


secret agent said...

One time I was in Jamaica and they gave us a sunfish sailboat...which I really didn't know what I was doing
and can't believe they just handed me a boat....anyway.... I was off and could NOT get back...I thought I'd end up in Cuba
and absolutely freaked in the boat.
I used to love water.... but now am ruined for life.
Flying to China over so much water is frankly freaking me out too.
any suggestions?

barkfoot said...

Well, you should know, when you fall off a horse you have to get straight back on. Perhaps it's time you got back in that boat. Try a lake, you've got shore all the way around so it's difficult to get lost!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful Coast... if I were you I'd have to travel there more often. It looks like the drive to the Coast was also stunning!

I bet those fish were yummy!

Lavender said...

Bet you slept great, What a fantastic day! Bet surfing in a kayak is a blast - it sure sounded like it was!
My hubby always shares his catch with folks he meets - he is so generous he sometimes comes home with none! LOL
I think it would have made a fabbo meal the way you prepared it - must try that myself sometime - Cheers!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Wow! What a trip. That dinner looks divine. I have never eaten fish that fresh before!
Do you get seasick out on that kayak?
I would!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

currently a prisoner of Mrs SBW's diy ambitions, i'm envious!

Lesley said...

That sounds really fun! I am jealous because I never really got around to anything like that over the summer and now it is already becoming fall.

Angela Marie said...

What a great day and the fish looked great! Fish and chicken are my favorites.

You had a fun filled packed day, I can see why you were tired. A good tired. ;)