Thursday, 27 September 2007

A cunning plan.....

It wasn't much of a summer. We had a warm blip in spring, then it rained for months, then, summer...2 whole days! Wad yer mean you missed it?!
All this topsy turvy global warming malarkey seems to have got Mother Nature a little confused. The Ceanothus is in flower again. It's meant to flower in spring, and it did, and then again in summer and then again now!
The Magnolia tree, one of the first signs of spring but it's flowering for the second time.

Not only this but the bulbs are coming up, what's going on?

Of course there are some signs of autumn, the leaves are falling, the squirrels are gathering nuts....

...but also I've seen some birds beginning nests.
Personally I'm not looking forward to the cold, dark damp days of winter. Mother Nature is confused....I have a cunning plan!.....

If we can convince Mother Nature that winters been and gone, we can get our lost summer back. I've already started by placing this old diary, along with subtle hint in a prominent place in the garden. This will plant the seed of doubt in Mother Natures mind.

As I mentioned, some of the bulbs are already showing themselves. All they need is some help and encouragement. A short length of elastic tied around them and up over a branch should do the trick.

I've collected some of the not so bad leaves, all we need to do now is.....

....peg them back on. Come on all you summer lovers from the northern hemisphere, don't fail me now, we can still turn this thing around........


Floderten said...

Oh this entry completely saved my day! :P Fantastic photos, they're hilarious!

I also managed to park my car (mum's car) in the middle of two spots in a parking lot today. A guy with a beat up car and white cap gave me a thumbs up. That made me laugh, too. :P I drive like a woman!

vicci said...

Oh...the purple tree is beautiful....even though its Fall here..lots of my flowers are starting to bloom again...go figure???!!!!

Christine said...

Well, you are off to a good start to SAVE the summer... How about a blanket somewhere to wrap around some bushes? Maybe leave a pair of sunglasses out for the chipmunks (you have those critters over there right?)

photowannabe said...

The picture of the pegged leaves is so funny. You tickled my funny bone with this post. Yes I think we need more spring and summer. I'm not ready for winter (ever)

Lesley said...

As always lovely pictures.

I am happy it is Fall, my favorite season! After the long hot summer here it is always welcome. It is winter I could do without, depending how wintery it decides to be.

secret agent said...

cute....pegging the leaves back on.
Are we bored??? in the southern U.S.
it has finally cooled down to 92 degrees.
It has rained once literally ONE TIME in 3 months.
we have water restrictions
the pressure is getting low which makes me nervous with a well.
Trees are dying everywhere.... we've lost about 15 trees (yeah... the horses don't help)
our beautiful dogwood is dead :(

we have burnt grass, I am feeding winter hay now
and to replace my hay is gonna cost me about $9 per bale. that's $12 per day
whereas it usually costs about $3.50

Every single day is bright and sunny and I am over it.
Bring on the clouds, the chill, and some snow I say.

and.... no space boot shots for you until I get the biker shorts

Lavender said...

Laughing out Loud! (So much so that "LOL" just wasnt enough)
LOVE the pegged on leaves, and the notes for mother nature - I hope it works for you! (All nice shots, by the way!)
Here in Oz the plants have been behaving oddly too - Ive decided its best to not expect anything to behave the way I think it should - either its climate change, or 'old-timers' syndrome.

barkfoot said...

Floderten - Quite clearly they had painted the white lines wrong, you parked perfectly, it was their fault. Sometimes they paint the lines in the local carpark crooked, and all the other cars are parked wrong too!
Christine - Sorry, we don't have chipmunks, just quirrels, shame cos they seem really cute.
Lesley - I normally like autumn too, a welcome break after a humid summer, but going straight into winter without having had a summer I feel cheated.
Secret Agent - I hope you're going to cope, cos I suppose everyone else is into their winter feed too, bumping the prices up. Last summer we had a drought and I got fed up with being constantly shrivelled in the sunshine and too warm to sleep indoors. Biker shorts....OK you called my bluff. It was cold, overcast and I was cycling through nettles, bracken and gorse, so I wore jeans. Sorry. I'll do you a deal. I'll send you an old piccy in biker shorts if you post a pic of the 'space boot'.

barkfoot said...

Lavender - We're not old enough to be suffering from "old-timers" syndrone?! I haven't even started my moaning about the price of bread and walking to the shops in my slippers phase yet!

Sharon said...

All your photos are beautiful but the Magnolia caught my attention since my Magnolias have such dead ugly leaves this time of year!

Madwag said...

I am lovin your blog... the way you tell your life in story and pictures.... I hope you don't mind if I blogroll you.

Sharon said...

By the way love the leaves clothes pinned back on the tree... funny Good plan but Mother Nature is no fool!

Anrosh said...

The peg on the leaves make a nice picture. And the notes in a diary for mother nature - nice sense of humor