Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Thing in the Woods... cont'd

I went back in broad daylight curious to find out more about the thing in the woods. It was clear that someone had visited the site, as the twigs I'd carefully laid down were trodden and broken. The camouflaged log thing had been stood upright against a tree trunk. Eager to know more, I once again lifted the hatch, this time from the other side. After a bit of firking about I felt something further down in the hole, I pulled it up. It was a laminated label. "ECO-VIEWER MK3 RECEIVER AND DIGITAL RECORDER"
So it is a covert camera system.
On studying the now upright camo' log, the lens was obvious. Last time I visited it was slumped up against the tree, the lens hidden by the trunk. It must have fallen out of position and the operator has been back to rectify it. Not wanting to appear on CCTV I had to bend over backwards in a comical ballet position in order to take the somewhat blurry photo. Lets hope that there is only one hidden camera or else there is some great footage of me making a pleb out of myself!

It seems likely that this is a covert camera system left by the council in order to catch fly-tippers. I'm no fan of CCTV, and to find out that even in the countryside where I thought I was safe from prying eyes, I am still been spied upon, frankly pisses me off. People (if you can call them that) that dump crap in the countryside (or anywhere) piss me off even more, so I will tolerate this little intrusion.
From the looks of the case etc, I reckon this system is similar to the one below.

I don't suppose that these systems come cheap, and apparently the council have had a few of these stolen (Hint... hide it better, and/or lock it to a tree?) ... Not by me of course, what possible use or adventures would I find for one of these?!

6 comments: as we know it. said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before you went back to investigate, I am amzed the council can afford this kind of kit!

patty said...

what do you think they are trying to find out... or see? how weird.... and scary

Lavender said...

Dumpers are scum - if thats what its there for I wish them the best of luck...even if it is still kinda creepy...Well done you, getting the scoop on it!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Could use some of those cameras here to catch the people who dump old fridges or furniture in the woods rather than take them to the landfill

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Yes we have some of the best dark skies here but light polution in the towns is becoming a problem and it is hard to get the message out to the public.
You would have to go to Wales or Scotland for dark skies

Russell Hill said...

I have to say that that is the LAMEST disguise for a camera I have ever seen!!

I absolutely support the trapping of people dumping rubbish illegally, but come on, use some sort of camera disguise they WON'T see!

The council needs to up their game, heck, they need to employ YOU to sort out the camo ;-)