Monday, 10 August 2009

How to eat Snails...

Like unruly youths, the fox cubs are hanging out in the street looking for mischief.

Ears tipped forward like radar dishes, anything that crosses their path is scrutinised for food potential.

Doesn't matter what it is... moths, beetles, worms, spiders. They even eye up the Tawny Owl that sits on the top of the telegraph pole. There is a strange combination of rivalry and mutual curiosity.

Occasionally there is a treat, but mostly we go off foraging.

Snails taste nice, and are easy to catch but getting them out of their shells is proving a difficult skill to teach.... "OK, I'll show you how to do it ONE more time. Crunch it lightly with your teeth, roll it around with your paw like this to take off the sharp bits and voila! Yummy snail meat."

"No, no,no. Don't just bring me another one. YOU'VE got to do them!..."

Although they know that cars on the road are dangerous, and run away and hide when they approach, they've decided that my car while parked is really interesting.

There's chewy bits...

... and that funny 'mouse hole' thing at the back. It smells odd, and you can stick your paw down as far as you like, and you still can't reach the end...


patty said...

how cute cute cute cute... I love them... thanks again for more fox tales... brilliant stuff!

Lavender said...

unruly youths/hanging out in the street
LOL!!! And Im sure its the truth as well, LOL

LOVE that third shot, the close up - lovely shot Mate!
They are such cuties and what a gorgeous colour they are, thanks for sharing them with us, its great fun!

Lesley said...

They are adorable!