Sunday, 29 April 2007

"Lets go fly a kite..."

There is a brisk NE wind today. Perfect for kite flying, but no one seems keen to go. Maybe it has something to do with the injuries incurred last time! My arms are much better (I can get my hands up to comb my hair and everything), and my brothers back improved after a month or so! Never mind I'll go by myself....

I pack this away meticulously every time and yet it always re-emerges as if I'd just stuffed it in there!

That's better. Now it looks like a kite.....
...well, sort of a kite.

Okay, so maybe I didn't mention that it's a parachute.

When flying your parachute it is always wise to have an anchor. This may seem to be sufficient, but it isn't! When eventually it pulls free, it comes at your head like a guided missile (RUN!).

This is what you need! (Or possibly something even heavier!) Oh, and put it in gear and make sure the handbrake works, or you'll lose it.
Right, got everything you need? Big kite, lots of strong rope, carabiners, heavy object, spare pants. Off to the park then...

Always check for low flying planes, we don't want another 'incident' do we?

These pictures are from the 'good old days' when people were happy to get their arms ripped off by powerful kites.
See, with lots of you it's up in no time (and you don't have to get dragged along by your foot either).

It's up! Going well, the car is jiggling about a bit, it's pulled a little toward the ditch, but I think we're okay...

Brother gets 'carried' away. It may have been at this point that his back problems started. No, look he's having fun...I think.
Is he laughing or crying?

Oh wow! This is fun, I'm flying..

Now not as much fun. My arms are coming off and it's getting higher." At what point do you let go?", "If I get too high I won't be able to let go!". Damn I should have thought all this through several seconds ago...

Pull the canopy collapse line...OW!
If my hand w
asn't caught up I'd have let go by now. Would have saved me being dragged all over the field. Those 'skid' marks are going to take some washing out! (from the grass, really your 'mucky' mind!)

ZZzzooOW!... The rope snaps and whistles past our heads. Just as well I wasn't still up in the air, or next s
top would have been 'Grimsby'!
The parachute makes a brief break for freedom but gently flutters down beside a rather surprised grazing cow!
Tired and slightly taller we head for home.


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Ok...when did you get into the whole parachute thing?!
You guys!

barkfoot said...

It's the fault of that army surplus shop in Burton upon Trent. They have so much wacky stuff for sale. I couldn't resist my own parachute!