Thursday, 26 April 2007

Winter's over!...

I know it's been warm for ages, I know it hasn't rained for a month, but there was always that uncertain feeling that winter could suddenly return.
Today it felt that winter was gone, banished. No more late frosts, no sudden cold snaps, biting winds etc.
The leaves are truly out on the trees.
Here on the lakes near Fisherwick, some of the Coots have almost fully grown chicks!

In the 'estate' woods of Fisherwick hall the bluebells are well on their way.

Baby rabbits everywhere! Almost stepped on one while trying to take this photo! (thought it was a rock).

The sun has returned to it's former strength, not that weak yellow affair that I've become used to over winter.

Many of the fields are patchwork yellow with rapeseed flower.

The badgers are spring cleaning their sets. This spoil heap is over 5 feet tall!

Took the Vittesse out today. The vigours of spring make me want to drive that little bit too fast! The 'loud' pedal was very inviting, although getting on a bit (the car, not me) this chap still goes like "shit off a shovel"!


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Nice pics of the your dad still has the same car...must be going well!

barkfoot said...

Well, yes and no. Not all the windows work, the central locking will happily lock but often doesn't want to unlock...convenient! When travelling at speed, the on board computer will suddenly start telling some 'alarming' porky pies!
It readily passes its MOT's with some mild tapping of spanners and gentle swearing. Now with its new beefier sounding exhaust, it is the superb engine that means we keep it. It makes you giggle everytime you put your foot down!!